X-Nav Guided Surgery

X-Nav Technologies

X-Nav is a significant innovation in oral surgery that improves outcomes and reduces recovery times for patients. It is state-of-the-art, real-time, navigated surgery we use for various complex surgical procedures, particularly dental implant placement.

X-Nav is an interactive, computer-guided system used by our oral surgeons to aid them in placing dental implants with enhanced precision. While the X-Nav system improves the accuracy of each placement, our surgeons are in control at all times, much like using a GPS system.

Precision Dental Implant Surgery

The X-Nav software enables 3D scanning of the jawbone and oral cavity, which is then used during surgery to see the jawbone’s exterior and interior. This allows us to pinpoint your implants’ optimal location, angle, and depth of placement.

The X-Nav software provides complete 3D views of your teeth, gums, and oral cavity. A tiny camera in the mouth gives our surgeons a clear picture of your mouth and jawbone. With X-Nav technology, we can pre-plan the exact location of each dental implant based on your anatomy. This pre-plan is then utilized to surgically place your implants in the best possible site using the most appropriate size implant.

Using X-Nav guided dental implant surgery gives implants improved stability with greater longevity so you can have a beautiful, functional smile sooner.

X-Nav Guided Surgery image

Benefits of X-Nav Surgery

Greater Accuracy

X-Nav technology provides an exacting “blueprint” for implant placement and real-time feedback during surgery. Minor adjustments can be made at any time to improve placement and increase the implant’s stability.

Greater Efficiency

Dental implant surgery using X-Nav is more efficient. You are sedated for less time and have smaller incisions. Our oral surgeons are more efficient, reducing the time needed to place implants while still providing exceptional care.

Faster Healing

With computer-guided implant placement, there is less trauma to the jawbone and smaller incisions. You heal faster with less inflammation and pain.

If you are considering dental implants, X-Nav guided implant surgery is the gold standard for precise placement that is reliable, minimally invasive, and successful. Please get in touch with our Lebanon Office at Lebanon Office Phone Number (717) 273-6745 or our Lancaster Office at Lancaster Office Phone Number (717) 740-2373 to learn more about how the X-Nav system can enhance your dental implant experience.